Border Patrol

farees - Border Patrol CD
farees - Border Patrol Vinyl

This is a concept album: a double LP called BORDER PATROL, on which Farees speaks, sings, raps and plays guitar and many other instruments freely. Freely as in out of the box, without borders. His poetry takes us back to the best protest songs, whether they are spoken-word by African-American heroes of the late '60s or that of Marley & Hendrix. His guitar playing is otherworldly. His words, sounds, and rhythms are on the highest level. The album also features legendary band Calexico, which shares a common interest with Farees in specific border situations. Farees' music is hard to categorize, like any true novelty and real innovation. His unique style is a new generation of African-Spoken-Electric-Blues-Rock. You may feel the nostalgia, but you've never heard it quite like this before. So what is Farees? A Singer-Songwriter? Yes. A poet? Yes. Innovative self-taught guitarist? Yes. And he's his own producer giving him full artistic license and creative control… Check out the BORDER PATROL Album and enjoy the “Farees experience”!!


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