The Maneefesto

This is the age of bullshit.

​ This is the age of image, of fakeness.
It’s the age of shallowness and appearance.
It is certainly not the age of substance, of depth.
Everything is getting more and more visual and superficial.

​ Words are losing their meaning.
Influencers claim they’re deep and have a real connection with the audience;
surface-level youtubers claim their content is non-superficial and authentic.
Shallow pop music acts claim they are cultural movements.

Yeah. My ass.

Ideals are losing their meaning.
Being a sellout is very fashionable nowadays, no matter the area you work in.
Convenience and complaisance are the way today, not freedom.
Fakeness is the norm, both in the arts and in the rest of society.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it.

I can smell bullshit from a mile away and guess what, it bothers me.
I need something real, something deep, to satisfy my soul.
And I’m sure you do as well. From time to time, at least.
I know one thing or two about fakeness in the entertainment industry - I can tell you navigating this industry while trying to keep my integrity has not been easy.
I’ve been boycotted by folks in the business, at various moments in my career.
I’m outspoken, and I’m all for freedom and truth, I give zero fucks about being complaisant or super friendly to unsympathetic producers, grinning all the time without reason to everybody – it’s called asslicking, and it’s not my thing.
If you consider the music industry 90% puppeteering (which it is), then someone like me might be regarded as, well, a bit dangerous. The thing is they want you to compromise all the time, change the titles, cut out half of the song, change the lyrics, change your clothes, change your language, it’s not you anymore.
Compromise enough, and it becomes enslavement.

Have you noticed we have long stopped criticizing and calling out people on their shit?
Criticizing is a good thing; actually, that’s what free individuals do a lot.
Questioning, challenging conformity, spotting contradictions.
We’re tired of being fed the usual BS and so we dig deeper, we want to really understand if the artists are coherent or not.
When someone criticizes me, I respect that, it shows a society that’s alive and free, it’s healthy to criticize. I don’t get why so many people are afraid of it.

But let me make something clear now before I go on.

Some people are not welcome here. Yep. Not welcome.

Best thing they can do is to GFOH right now.

You all know what GFOH means, right? It means GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.
It means we don’t want you in here. Like, fuck out of my face right now.
If you’re a Trump supporter or wear a MAGA hat, GFOH.
Neo-nazis, neo-fascist shitbags? GFOH.
Did you vote for Matteo Salvini, Boris Johnson, Front National, Vox, Orban, and all them European goddam racists? GFOH. Bolsonaro? GFOH.
Maybe you’re a racist yourself – openly? Or more covertly, like the sneaky “I’m not racist” ones? Then GFOH.
If you think your race, religion, nation, tribe, gender, or whatever is superior, GFOH.
No supremacists here, thank you.
When I say GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, I mean it, like literally, and we should probably start with my shows. You’re not welcome at any of my shows.
Do not buy my records and EPs -
I don’t want you douchebags to enjoy my music and content.
This is not for you.

Yes, you heard me.

​ OK.

​ If you’re still reading, I will assume you are not one of them.
I will assume you are open-minded and free, or that your inner compass is pointing in that direction.
See what I’m doing here? I’m doing what we should do within society as a whole.
There's way too much bigotry and douchebaggery going on today.
We should start excluding those people, banning them from our spaces.
Anti-immigration motherfuckers, paleo-conservatives, welfare-chauvinists.
There are no shithole countries* in this world, but there are a lot of shithole minds for sure.
They’re everywhere. They have elected shitty governments. They’re a threat to our freedom.
I don’t think we should tolerate racism anymore.
To be non-racist is not enough nowadays.
We need to be anti-racist.
Bigotry is also a huge problem.
When I say bigotry it could be African bigotry or Japanese bigotry or Islamic bigotry, I don’t care.
Fuck bigotry, it’s 2020.

​​ You starting to understand what the purpose of this manifesto is, aren’t you?
So, Yeah. Now that the bigots and racists are gone.
Let’s talk about what we’re going to do together.

Let’s talk about our KINSHIP.​

I’m not here to sell you anything.
If you buy records from time to time, that’s good,
that’s still the best way to support an artist you love and respect.

What I’ve been really trying to do with my music though,
is to connect free individuals across the planet.
Free individuals. Globally.
So if you’re a free spirit – or planning to become one soon – you’re in the right place.

Freedom is not only external– it is internal.
Free-dom, or being free from domination, is just as much about the mind as it is about society.
That’s why it matters to liberate your spirit.
When you’re a free individual, a free spirit, you’re not subject to all those behavioral rules, tribal, national, religious laws, you don’t care about what your group or your village says,
what the good sheeple of your society will tell you.
You do what you think is right, and you don’t give a damn about what the imam or the priest or politicians or the trendsetters or some dumb-ass leader say you should do.
That’s the essence of freedom. Freedom is an individual thing, for the most part.
Social convenience and complaisance are the opposite of being a free individual.

That’s what I call KINSHIP. A global network of free spirits.
KINSHIP means we are diverse people coming from all walks of life, all ethnicities, all nationalities, all mixed up.
What unites us is that we’re all free individuals,
we don’t need to have the same beliefs or the same heritage,
we know we are all brothers and sisters because we know humanity is one.
KINSHIP means we uplift and educate one another.
We help others understand us and stay away from douchebaggery.
KINSHIP means we connect, we think together, we debate and comment,
we work together for something good and clean.
Both online and with shows, events, meetings, etc.
KINSHIP means we are against walls, borders, divisions.
We know that in order to move forward as humans, we need a new universal mindset.
KINSHIP means freedom of movement, mobility rights, and equal opportunities
should not be even part of the debate.
Those should be granted in the first place - to all human beings.
We are against indefinite detention of migrants who are being treated like outlaws just for crossing a line.
We all have the same hopes and dreams as humans, and that cannot be a crime.
KINSHIP means we can redesign together records and shows, everything in this music will be open to your suggestions and creative inputs. We’ll have an email specifically for that, and we’ll use social media, the blog, online groups, for that same purpose.
Staying connected and creating something clean together -
and telling authentic stories that mainstream media wouldn’t bother mentioning.

It has never been about “me” in the world of music. It’s about us.
It’s about what we can accomplish together. I can’t do anything by myself.
For change and progress to happen – and good music, too, btw - we need to connect and interact,
learning from one another and being inspired by one another.
Music is powerful man, especially nowadays.
And individuals have far more power than ever before in history.
Let’s put the two together and see what happens.

Don’t belittle your character. Y’all have more power than you think individually.
Let’s unite around what we are – and, most importantly, around what we are not.
We are already more than 20.000 people, kindred spirits from all over the planet,
and the community is growing.
You can join by filling the form on the website,
but also just by participating - online or in real life.

The world awaits a reaction to all this craziness.
It’s happening everywhere, Africa, America, Europe, Asia, Australia.
Big wave of fascism-racism-douchebigotry on the rise.
An increase in hate crimes and violence, too.
This racist and conservative ideology is spreading just like the COVID-19 virus – unfortunately, we all know how a pandemic spreads now – and I think we should use music and culture as a vaccine.
What I am stating here is that out of all this right-wing xenophobic propaganda, out of all these dumb racist leaders, there could not come a single human value.
I’ve been telling all these things for years, and people were like, “hey calm down chill it’s not the end of the world things are not so bad there is stuff that’s more important,” yeah like what? Racism kills, bigotry kills, fascism kills.
Now after George Floyd and other tragedies - hopefully - y’all are starting to understand how bad the situation is?
And it’s global.
It ain’t no use in reacting to it like it was an American problem or a French or Italian problem.
It’s a GLOBAL practice.
All this shit is a world problem, stop looking at it from a National or local perspective.
We need to react on a global scale.
We need to counterbalance all these fools and show them WE free individuals are the majority on earth.
It's been going on for too long.
We have to stand up and stomp this shit out for good.
Y’all with me?

I’m not a guru. I’m not the bearer of absolute truths.
But I’m a free individual. I strongly believe in individuals.
Individuals are more important to me than large organizations, parties, clergies, nations.
That’s why I’m not affiliated with any political party, organization, or anything.
That’s why I’m an independent musician.
Unlike many others, I can say whatever I want to say whenever I feel like saying it.
And that’s precisely what I’m doing here – you don’t see many people talking like this, do you?
Still, all these things ring true, don’t they?

So, now, I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do.
I will do my best as a musician, singer, public speaker, to convey all these messages to a broader audience.
I will call out people on their shit.
I’m going to stick with producing good innovative stuff,
not going for some more commercial crap just to get more money or attention.
I will be an independent, free voice, not giving away the rights of my music and directing the whole project to be sure it stays clean and real.

This is what I can do on my part.
For all the rest, it’s your call.

If you’re still reading this, thank you. Means a lot.

I'll see you down the road.
Big Hug

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